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Leather is a desirable natural product used in numerous applications from industrial, automotive to clothing and fashion. Leather requires chemical treatment for its various applications. Quality control of leather products is important for safety, practical and aesthetic reasons.

Ensure the quality and safety of your leather and leather goods with AIrsep Labs comprehensive leather testing services. Airsep Labs, as an ISO accredited laboratory, plays an important role in the testing of leather products during processing and of the final product.

Our leather testing department offers a wide variety of physical and chemical tests to help meet the client’s leather testing needs.
  Why Test Your Leather?

If you manufacture or retail leather products or products that contain leather components, you need assurance that the product quality is sufficient, fit for purpose, and meets customer expectations.

Leather goods, including clothing, belts, as well as small goods, are not only high value items, but are also highly variable in terms of species, types of leather, dyeing or colour, chemicals employed in finishing and microbiological activity. This is why you need Airsep Labs reliable leather testing services.
  Some of the important tests performed are:
  • Identifying of substances soluble in dichloromethane according to ISO 4048 (often termed the identification of the fat content),
  • The identification of the chromium oxide content according to ISO 5398-4,
  • The determination of the pH-value according to ISO 4045,
  • The determination of the pentachlorophenol content according to ISO 17070,
  • The determination of the chromium (VI) content according to ISO 17075.
  • The determination of shrinkage temperatures according to ISO 3380.
  • The determination of sulphated ash according to ISO 4047.
Recent developments have been the determination of ethoxylated alkylphenols. All these methods of analysis require a sample preparation which is described by ISO 4044.

As can be seen we pride ourselves in utilizing the relevant international standard methods with strict control in quality standards.
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